Monday, 30 September 2013

MobWives Farewells 3 Cast Mates #Season4

In one of my recent article's I speculated that original members of Mobwives would not be returning for a forth season and it has since been confirmed that Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo and Carla Facciolo will not be returning to Season 4 of Mobwives along with newcomer of season 3 Love Majewski.

With the departure of Karen, Ramona and Carla we will see a Newcomer in season 4 who goes by the name Alicia DiMichele Garafola and according to is set to shake it up and rock a few boats.
Alicia DiMichele Garafola is the Daughter In Law of Edward Garafolo who had a "Hit" put out on him by Sammy The Bull Gravano (Karen's Father) and if that wasn't enough Fuel in the Fire Alicia's Sister In Law has also taken Karen Gravano to court in the past.
It will be interesting to see what Boutique owner Alicia will bring to the forth season of Mobwives.
Could this be why Karen will not be returning or has Karen left mid way through filming?
We can only speculate however in recent tweets to Karen Gravano she is extremely excited about the next step in her career and has lots for fans to look forward to.

Another Newcomer to season 4 is speculated to be Natalie Elise Guerico from the Greater Philadelphia Area.
Natalie is The CEO of Carto Funeral Home Inc and is also a Cosmetologist.

Due to air in December of 2013 one thing we can be guaranteed is massive changes to Mob Wives Season 4 along with familiar faces of Faves Drita Davanzo, Renee Graziano and Angela Raiola.

As a viewer and a Fan I would like to take the opportunity to Thank Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo and Carla Facciolo for three incredible seasons of Mobwives and wish them the very best of Luck and Success in the next step of their journey.
It has been both a pleasure and Honor to watch your stories of personal growth.

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  1. I hate to see them leave as well. The bright side of this is, No more hate Carla for reasons I never understood!

  2. Oh yeah, I was SO GLAD to see LOVE go! Bringing her on was wrong on all types of levels! My GOD!