Sunday, 2 February 2014

Real Reality

Time and time again we hear stories of how Reality TV programs are scripted and not as real as we would like to assume but how real are they?!

In the few years I have been Blogging I have repeatedly heard stories of cast members being made to retake scenes while being coached by producers on what to say and do etc.
I have heard stories of cast being hired specifically to perform certain tasks before being fired and forgotten about.
 I have heard stories of production companies deliberately stirring the pot behind the scenes in order to make "Better Entertainment" on camera and many stories on who our fave cast members are in true reality!
Exploitation,Boycotts and Dirty Contracts?
Money Money Money?

Do they have us fooled?

From keeping Charity raised funds for personal use to Trash talking their fans I have heard it all but it was in these moments that it becomes clear Stars are no different to our very own neighbours and groups of friends who all at times pull shady and low life moves.
The concept of Reality is there however how much of their Reality do we really see because everyone ultimately wants to look good for the camera's and fans.

To be truthful the only train wreck I have seen on TV is VH1's Renee Graziano who allowed camera's to roll at her Highest (Literally speaking) and her lowest points.
I mean no disrespect in saying this but I believe whether wrong or right her intentions were good as she has played a role in steering influential people away from her kind of lifestyle.

It also extends beyond the Housewives and goes even into programs like The Biggest Looser and My Kitchen Rules where the contestants don't even use their own Kitchen to cook and are given recipes to cook an hour before the arrival of guest yet call it a "Family recipe"!
The only person I know of who cooks like that everyday is Toni Marie Ricci because I plan to book her in for breakfast one day!! Divine!

 In saying all I have said in my article I'm sure I will continue to at times tune into certain Reality Programs but I have seen changes in them over the last few years and feel they are now coming across as more scripted then ever before.
What are you're thoughts on Reality TV in 2014 and have you heard anything that has turned you off?